Market Value for used Toyota Avalon

The market value for the used Toyota Avalon given below is derived from the motor industry's leading guide to car values - the RedBook guide. It is only a guide however - the condition and mileage of the vehicle plus local market conditions, will determine the final value.
BodyYearEngineTransmissionPrice (Trade-in Low)Price (Trade-in)Average Kms Travelled
ToyotaAVALON MCX10R Conquest Sedan 4dr Auto 4sp 3.0iSedan20003.0Automatic3200-48005400-7000200,000
ToyotaAVALON MCX10R CSX Sedan 4dr Auto 4sp 3.0iSedan20003.0Automatic4300-59006700-8300200,000
ToyotaAVALON MCX10R Grande Sedan 4dr Auto 4sp 3.0iSedan20003.0Automatic6500-82009100-10800200,000
ToyotaAVALON MCX10R VXi Sedan 4dr Auto 4sp 3.0iSedan20003.0Automatic5200-69007600-9300200,000
* Trade-In Low / Trade-In Price
Trade Low - which is an indicative price that a franchise dealer will place on a trade that he has no intention of retaining for resale. Older vehicles, unless they're in immaculate condition, generally fall into this category.
Trade - which is the price a franchise dealer may pay for a vehicle that they intend to keep on their lot for resale. the vehicle must be in 'guide' condition in relation to the tables.

Note: This is just a guide price - the condition and mileage of the vehicle plus local market conditions will determine the final price.
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